My Bottle of Thoughts.

September 17, 2011

first for September.

you know, i always said to myself, whatever things that come through my life is it bad or good, you must keep go on with your life. yeah note-to-myself every single day. 

But i always wonder if i strong enough or brave enough to keep my life in peaceful way and take over all the things in a calm way ? sometimes i think i can but sometimes i think i can't. all i want now is to be successful and  be happy with my life. I am so scared that i can't be successful enough as i want to be for the next 6 or 10 years. is i take the right path or not. it's always circled around in my head. 

plus all the bad things that happen, for example all that feeling that teenagers feels, the heartache, the pressure from parents and peers, sometimes it's bothers me. and i'm doing the best i can to prove it to them that i can do it on my own. 

i always dream that i can and have all the happy thoughts and hope all that i dream really do come true. cause i do believe in happy ending (: Dreamer, that's me. 

what makes me strong, support from my family and friends, support from myself and yes, the one and only, Allah S.W.T. i know that we must have faith in Allah. because "prayers change everything".

Doa, usaha, tawakal dan insyaAllah kita akan menuju kejayaan. :)

really worried about my final exams. pretty please, i hope i get what i aim for. i really don't want to disappointed my family, my parents and of course myself. we can always makes the path for success to be easier if we believe that we can achieve success. 4.0 i'm going to get you. 

p/s : i'm sorry i'm express my feeling in here, i know it's kinda to open. but i have no story for september, so here is it. hee :)

have a great day everyone plus i rarely update on blogger. i'm more on twitter now. do follow me @fafafathiah 

tillthen. Assalamualaikum. ;)