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November 5, 2011

lost in truth

#nowplaying True by Ryan Cabrera

Hi. Assalamualaikum. i guess it has been ages i did not update this blog. kinda busy. yeah busy with the life. i made a few changes for my blog. i wanted it to be like a journal, i want to wreck this blog. so in the future i can read it through back. haha then i will laugh at myself what i wrote in this blog. lol silly me.

Now currently i'm enjoying my semester break. oh yeah feel great that final has over although it just two weeks break. damn. ._. About the final, hmm no comment. totally freak me out. i'm kinda not confident with myself, praying for better grades. Always. The truth is i never feel confident with myself. never. this insecure feeling always there. is there any ways to get rid of these feeling ? why why why. i always wonder.

So the truth never set me free. the truth, it might be hurt us a lot, but we cannot live in lies in this life. there's some people lies to other to get what they want. i been in 'that situation' before. being lied and the one that lie. i admit i have lie to someone about something. i regret doing that. when we stuck in some situation, we will doing that. but i have promise myself not to do that thing again. never. usually in relationship, if there is no trust, and lies everywhere, it will end up to be relationshit. that's the truth.

The truth also makes us happy and sometimes sad. that happy moment when we find the truth about something, makes us on the top of the world :) 
" When you feel a peaceful joy, that's when you are near truth "

why i said about this thing ? i clearly don't know. maybe these hormones or this brain want me to write this thing. sorry if what i said not true in your view, i just express my feeling. maybe i have this insecure feeling. this blog is so damn emo. woaa haha. so live ur life to the fullest yaaaaaa :)

" Truth is beautiful, without doubt, but so are lies "

Thankyou readers. :)