My Bottle of Thoughts.

December 23, 2011

reflection of mine

so i have the urge to write something here. good for me. Assalamualaikum readers.
i guess it will be like another 4 days when i'm totally change to 18yearsold. hey there new life, and then new year is coming. i pray i become a good person every single day.

as i reflect myself and look back to the younger side of my life, sometimes i do proud of what i have achieve now. but sometimes that feeling come again, what i mean is it supposed that when i have reach this one stage of my life, i should have done something good, something better. looking at others who already achieve thousand of new experience in their life, is quite a heartbreak for me.

and remember for what i have done in the past few years back of my life especially mistakes were really made me want to knock myself on the wall. remembering that was the saddest part of my life. really regrets for all the mistakes. if i have a time machine, i would probably will undo all my mistakes but sadly, time machine does not exist. well, people are not perfect and we do mistakes. that is life.

but good and sweet memories really make me don't want to grow older. because everyday life will get complicated, me myself and i will get complicated. and i will see the world a complicated place. i don't want that. really. 

But life must go on. As i grow older, i must be more matured, wiser than before. and for sure i hope everything i do will bring me closer to Allah S.W.T. striving for Jannah. a better muslimah in the future, InsyaAllah.

for now, everything were just in their good way, i really happy with my life and keep on chasing all of my dreams. without my love ones, i will never be strong enough to face the hardship of my life. i love them all to infinity. :) 

"Ya Allah, forgive me for all my mistakes that i have done. and i am doing the best i can to become a better muslimah."

i hope in this new age of mine, i can find happiness more, strengthen my relationship with my family and friends, giving the best i can to make the person that i love happy, increase me with knowledge, see the world more, make my parents proud and finally find peace and serenity inside and outside. 

Embrace Change. 

till the next post, insyaAllah. salam.