My Bottle of Thoughts.

May 27, 2012

hello for a long time

guess i was so bored at home until i write again.
oh hello, Assalamulaikum.

last post was on December and now already near the end of May. wondering where i have been. busy handling myself, my life. and i did not even shock if nobody drop by reading my blog, i know it's boring. well i guess i can start writing it back, as now i have such a long holiday. if i not-so-lazy enough to type down all the unsaid things.

fyi, now i already finished my matriculation program about a month ago. hooray! such a good feeling to come back home even though it is so hard to say goodbyes to all my friends. definitely gonna miss them a lot. nobody like to say goodbyes but life must go on. a lot happen during the times at kmm, a lot. some were the best feeling yet there were a few heartbreaks happen. but Alhamdulillah, i thankful enough to get through all of it with patience.

time flies and i stay at home about a month already. no part-time job, just busy helping my mom at home. maybe this June got to find a job because being bored is so boring. -.-
oh and yes just another one day left only for my final exam result to come out. i truly, definitely and positively scared. 29 May answer everything. hoping, praying everything gonna be alright. hope i get what i want. i just want to make my parents happy. that's all is matter to me right now. have to make them proud of me.

but yeah this anxious feeling always appear during this time, and then all the negative thoughts get all packed inside my brain, as a result i became totally freak out and not thinking positively. Ya Allah, please make my heart calm, make it easy and do not make it difficult and make it end well. only You can make it happen.
we plans our life, but Allah has a greater plan for us, even more beautiful. 'seek help through patience and prayers' and always have faith.

i write long enough. maybe will continue later, insyaAllah if i get some inspiration to write again. Bye.