My Bottle of Thoughts.

June 4, 2012

what is in your bag ?

pic/image by me.

i get inspired from Tumblr about this thing. many post related to bags and what inside it. so there you are. what some of the must have things in my bags. it just a few only. depends on the size of the bag. the bigger, the more stuff you can put inside. i'm such a bag freak. lovin bags, tote, sling or clutch bags. the tree of bags in my room is growing. lol

so it's quite bored at home this few days. miss my routine in college. oh it will start again on Sept, i hope. insyaAllah. when we busy, we want holidays. but when holidays, we want to get busy with something. haha that's life i guess.

trying to find something to work on so i will gain benefits later. like for now, i still improving my english by spending my time reading books/novels. besides reading can be such a great escape from the reality and sink you into the story.

'A book is a way to shut out the noise of the world. It's a way to be alone without being totally alone.' - Sara Nelson