My Bottle of Thoughts.

July 23, 2012

is i already not interested..

i'm back writing again. though kinda lazy to sign in typing all this down. if i can, i would say all of this and it will magically appears on this blog. it's so good to be true. haha

and it's not even late yet for me to say Salam Ramadhan and Happy Fasting to all Muslim in the world. may this Ramadhan would be more better than the past and hope all our deeds be accepted. InsyaAllah.

So, i realized this one thing about me. but before that some says girls and photography or camera cannot be apart. haha i guess so. *only some i guess not all* but who doesn't like taking picture. that was the click start of memories. what i have noticed that,i rarely taking pictures of myself now. seriously. stop taking self-pic inside the room, and all the things that related. sign of being old or matured ? i used to vain inside the room when bored. get all the scarfs and get dressed up all the way. so fun back then. but now, it is that i am lazy enough or not into that kinda stuff already.

like my instagram, now i'm more taking others things rather than my self potrait. especially photos of my cats. they are just too adorable. half of my gallery on the phone/camera full of their cute actions pictures.

and this is random. last few days i was cleaning and rearrange all the stuffs. then i found my mom's vintage sling bag. i really wanted some cute sling bag or clutches. for i am such a hunter of bags. lol 

here's the little black bag. 

and some others more. i am a happy kid. :)
i usually end up buying stuff with reasonable prices. like more cheaper. find out more alternatives to get good stuff yet the price still not out of the budget. quality stuff not always depends on the price. 
i ran out of ideas now. so yeah now i always listening to piano songs especially maksim songs. how i miss playing the piano.

till then.