My Bottle of Thoughts.

September 16, 2012

immerse feeling

Being alone are the scary part, embrace it with positive vibes lighten up the mood.

i'm not always want someone to always be by my side. never. i already got my pillar of strength that is my family, but sometimes we got caught up in the situation that we have to be alone, to feel alone. that lead us to the confusing muzzy road. then need to decide whether to enter by our self or waited the whole path to be crystal clear with the help of the light.
and time had did their job perfectly for me to feel that. and somehow it force us to enter the path alone.

it will took me miles to find comfort and serenity all by myself. when i got in the situation that it do understand the words i said, the wall around me seems not to surrounding me anymore, it when you find that one thing.
letting the fear down and focusing what at the end of the path, what beneath the darkness and what the meaning of being stuck in this lonely road.

All i wanted to do right now is to reach back what has left me although the road seems to be kinda foggy and vague.