My Bottle of Thoughts.

September 24, 2012

it's different from the last few months back.

everything started to jumbled up. assignments, tasks and been squeeze in to follow all the 'fun programs' here. these days i have not been sleeping like the usual time. keep forcing myself to beat the laziness and especially procrastination after knowing only a little time that left with so many work. give in myself sometimes a break and reflection to know where i should stand to not directly pushing too hard on myself.

when the dark days slowly creep in on my mind, and everything is just so out of controlled and such a breakdown. if and only if screaming out loud can get rid all the problems vanish into thin air. but reality strikes, knowing each and every day we encountered with problems and we must have to face it. just embrace the problems into moments.

because everything that happens have the untold secret behind it. i found this quote and really love it :')

'Never forget when the storms pushed you to your knees and there was no one else who could help you, He carried you. When you were broken and you swore this time it couldn’t be fixed—never forget who fixed it. Never forget what He saved you from. Never forget how He put you back together. That moment when you felt helpless and alone, never forget who never left.' - Yasmin Mogahed