My Bottle of Thoughts.

October 18, 2012

knows the flow

You know you want to split yourselves into two when it just too much thing to handle ?
yes, and to maximize the time you multitasking. and that's what i'm currently doing. sort of.
Although multitask is kinda not so to be recommended because we lose our focus when doing that.

'malu bertanya sesat jalan'
definitely i get what the meaning is. and it is true that not everything in life we know and understand. if we know about something, than it would be more and more we don't know about something else. but i'm trying to figure out that sometimes some people (i don't know if they make it on purpose or not) asking a lot of question and relate it with other things and the flow is go on.
and conclusion... they become extremely annoying!
are they aware how annoyed they can be...T.T  not blaming them to asked such questions,
but when it already reach one phase that you really have to stop. it will make others become confuse.

please understand, i know maybe you have a lot of imagination going on in your head. but try to make it simple as possible. accept the fact and stop-asking-the-question-that-relate-to-other-things.
it's okay if the question is about the topic.

will you ? 

* attempt to blogging while the body mind and soul are under pressure. this is what came out. sigh thank god no-abusive words are using. peace.

* pretty hectic here, the life. i'm not surprised. One thing for sure, hungry 24/7. day and night, everyday every week and every time. i'm not surprised either.

p/s : i have that thing with motivational-cute-simple random notebook. gotta love it! guess everyone love it too. ;)